Syracuse Weddings

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What Sets Us Apart?

When interviewing potential vendors, many ask that question, and should!  For our part, Syracuse Weddings is made up of artists, DJ's. and planners, each collaborating with  ONE PURPOSE  - to bring savvy couples the highest possible production value their wedding deserves! 

That means keeping a lofty standard, using only the best technology available, and giving clients the freedom to DREAM BIG!  It also means clear, all-inclusive pricing, a NO-NONSENSE approach to business, having all the flair of an AWARD SHOW, but with the style and service of a boutique!

. . . And NOTHING less  -  Even for brides on a budget!

Raise Your Expectations

Our hosts are natural and engaging!  NO auctioneering, sports commentating. or game show antics.  Just clear, warm, welcoming interactions conducted with you and your guests in mind. 

And while technology plays an important role, we go to great lengths to keep it tucked away in the background and out of your photos. And we never display tacky signs, advertisements or business cards!

You're gonna like what you DON'T see!

 That means TOTAL transparency... with NO gimmicks, hassles or homework!  We also place a strong emphasis on proper planning!  That's why you meet with us one-on-one to create a day that's truly one of a kind.  What results is a wedding that  FEELS  as good as it looks!

Exclusive Devotion

We bring passion to the table - not pressure!  We book only a limited number of events each year with a staff that works only one event each day!  We pride ourselves on each of our couples enjoying PRICELESS peace of mind!

So what is it  REALLY  that sets us apart?  That's easy . . . YOU!

The privilege of working for appreciative people on their wedding day is just about the most amazing thing we can imagine doing for a living. We've given up lucrative careers to dedicate ourselves to the work we enjoy most and the people who value it.  So it's really no sacrifice at all!

We LOVE what we do.   And we're pretty sure you will too!

What You Can Expect


Your host arrives early with hours to spare, always anticipating the unexpected. Appropriate music plays as guests arrive and informative reminders are given as we cue your officiant and vendors. Everything is put in place discreetly behind the scenes.

Reliable wireless microphones and self-contained sound reinforcement, ensure your vows are heard clearly by everyone - even in an open field!  Perfect timing is made possible by our day-of coordination staff, who can even help with parking, childcare, and assistance for the elderly or disabled.


Over your planning sessions, we learn everything we need to tailor your wedding to YOU!  Our approach to music is centered around creating a soundtrack to your wedding day... because that's what it truly is!  We cater to conversation early in the evening, transitioning from a smooth mix to one designed to ignite your dance floor and keep it lit as the evening evolves!

The right music is crucial! So is timing if you want to keep guests up and moving!  Our DJ's play what fits the moment and never resort to filler, cliche songs or canned playlists!

Our low-profile wireless sound systems provide clear, unobtrusive sound at the right volume EVERYWHERE - upstairs, outside - even throughout multiple rooms - so that no one misses a thing!


It probably wouldn't surprise you to hear that many of our clients claim that  their rehearsal dinner and after party was better than even some weddings they've attended!

That's right!  We cater to the very same standard for intimate banquets the day before as well as your after-party, where we suddenly switch hats for the ultimate encore!

Meet Our Team

When couples sit down with us, MAGIC HAPPENS.  Just read our reviews... Our clients LOVE us!  And love is all you need!

That's because we know it's not about the lights, the music, or other technical elements that go into making a wedding what it ultimately becomes, but rather it's your families and closest friends that make your day what it should be... That and a handful of passionate people who know how to frame that experience and bring it all together. . .

Paul Manzari

Owner of Manzari Events, Paul is the music and entertainment arm of Syracuse Weddings. He's been host to literally hundreds of events and is described as both dedicated and down-to earth by his clients and their guests. At one time an engineer in the corporate world, Paul invested much - and at great personal cost - to hone his craft as a full-time DJ and MC. When not behind the booth Paul enjoys sushi, fishing & exploring.

Matthew Salzler

An accomplished drummer and musician in addition to his skills behind the lens, Matthew comes to us among the most capable and talented cinematographers available for hire in Central New York. A husband, father and owner of a commercial production company, he lends his eye and unique, artistic style of editing to our menu of services out of sheer appreciation for our approach to business and commitment to quality.

Carlo Naples

As founder of Syracuse Weddings, Carlo entered the industry as an artist and calligrapher, creating signs & invitations by hand. He then evolved into a full-time DJ & MC for renown services like Black Tie Entertainment. In time, he added event planning to his repertoire and now oversees the Historic Kallet Theater. He remains available as a consultant and spends his time with his wife Catherine and their obnoxious chihuahua, Dooey