Posted on December 24th, 2016

​​In the wedding industry, prices between vendors can be hundreds or even thousands apart! It may seem that what each is providing is the same. Often, however, differences in style, integrity, reliability and quality are often invisible in the beginning! That means taking what appears to be a good deal often means compromising on critical aspects of your day that can't be noticed until your day arrives!

Many lament that saving money was the driving force behind who they hired and seldom is the price tag the only difference. And when you fail to read the fine print or weigh what's actually included, part-time providers can easily mask low-quality behind their price. That's why savvy couples take the time to research and interview individual vendors instead of taking blind advice from blogs and magazines for the sake of convenience. 

Many are tempted to secure services at a discount by booking over the phone or paying online. ​But horror stories abound with those hired arriving inappropriately dressed, not on time, or even at all!  Full-time professionals, however, have much to lose by cutting corners or taking chances. Their pricing tends to be proportionate to their commitment to quality. And because they have more invested, most cannot afford to cheapen their offerings.

Whatever you decide on as a couple, make sure your budget reflects more than just a desire to save money. Invest in qualified vendors!  And because you can't tell one from another just by visiting their websites, meet face to face whenever possible! Ask direct questions. Gauge responses. Qualify claims. Know what you're actually getting! If you don't, no matter what your budget is, the cost could be far greater than you think!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional... wait till you hire an amateur!"

- Red Adair

by Carl Naples of Syracuse Weddings on May 7th, 2016

There are simply not enough great things to say about this couple. Starting with their choice of venue, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, these two animal lovers set out to defy expectations and abandon the cookie-cutter feel of traditional receptions. Their families and friends were in for an evening of amazing food, stunning decor, and sore feet :)

Special Thanks to Bernadette Ward and her staff for the easygoing hospitality and bend-over-backwards mindset they all had while managing the evening's agenda with our staff. And also to Alec from Kammer Films, who worked hard to capture everything as it unfolded. Together, their vendors pulled out all the stops to make this the evening Chelsea, Mike and all their guests will surely want to remember!

by Carl Naples of Syracuse Weddings on August 15th, 2015

Couple's Name: Beth & Kern
Date: Saturday, August 15, 2015
Venue: Mirbeau of Skaneateles, NY
Photographer: Chris Szulwach of The Story

This couple was a delight to work for, trusting us completely to deliver them a time like no other for their multi-cultural destination wedding right here in the Finger Lakes! Mirbeau Inn & Day Spa is a delightful backdrop with its pond, garden and draped-fabric tent, not to mention their amazing food!

The staff joined in many times throughout the evening, lending much enthusiasm to an already lively dance floor! Chris Szulwach of The Story documented the evening discreetly as ever, not missing a single smile or moment!

This family knew how to get down and made it look so easy, many of whom had not even met or been on American soil before! If only every wedding could go so well, with every guest doing their part to bring so much joy to the day!

by Carl Naples of Syracuse Weddings on September 6th, 2014

Amanda sought us out through one of our mutual contacts, a renown photographer with Solas Studios, who was herself a guest at the wedding. The bride's husband and father met with us early in the planning phase to decide on content for the day, after which they asked us to provide the full package: music, hosting, lighting, video and photo booth.

Experiencing many twists and turns in regards to their venue, they were forced to compromise and relocate due to availability, and as such were trusting us to make up for the lacking backdrop the bride once envisioned. Despite that looming setback, Photographer Chris Penree of Green Couch Studios and the staff of Syracuse Weddings pulled out every stop to breathe life into her day, at the end of which, as the day's photos clearly show, Amanda was one truly happy bride!

Let this reassure every couple planning their wedding that while details do matter, at the end of the day, hiring quality vendors can save your day from even the most dire mishaps --even an double-booked venue!