The Truth About Pricing

Posted on December 24th, 2016
by Carlo Naples, Planner & Event Designer

In the wedding industry, prices between vendors can be hundreds or even thousands apart! It may seem that what each is providing is the same. Often, however, differences in style, integrity, reliability and quality are often invisible in the beginning! That means taking what appears to be a good deal often means compromising on critical aspects of your day that can't be noticed until your day arrives!

Many lament that saving money was the driving force behind who they hired and seldom is the price tag the only difference. And when you fail to read the fine print or weigh what's actually included, part-time providers can easily mask low-quality behind their price. That's why savvy couples take the time to research and interview individual vendors instead of taking blind advice from blogs and magazines for the sake of convenience. 

Many are tempted to secure services at a discount by booking over the phone or paying online. But horror stories abound with those hired arriving inappropriately dressed, not on time, or even at all!  Full-time professionals, however, have much to lose by cutting corners or taking chances. Their pricing tends to be proportionate to their commitment to quality. And because they have more invested, most cannot afford to cheapen their offerings.

Whatever you decide on as a couple, make sure your budget reflects more than just a desire to save money. Invest in qualified vendors!  And because you can't tell one from another just by visiting their websites, meet face to face whenever possible! Ask direct questions. Gauge responses. Qualify claims. Know what you're actually getting! If you don't, no matter what your budget is, the cost could be far greater than you think!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional... wait till you hire an amateur!"

- Red Adair

Syracuse Weddings

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