Tommy & Amanda

Amanda sought us out through one of our mutual contacts, a renown photographer with Solas Studios, who was herself a guest at the wedding. The bride's husband and father met with us early in the planning phase to decide on content for the day, after which they asked us to provide the full package: music, hosting, lighting, video and photo booth!

Experiencing many twists and turns in regards to their venue, they were forced to compromise and relocate due to availability, and as such were trusting us to make up for the lacking backdrop the bride once envisioned. Despite that looming setback, Photographer Chris Penree of Green Couch Studios and the staff of Syracuse Weddings pulled out every stop to breathe life into her day, at the end of which, as the day's photos clearly show, Amanda was one truly happy bride!

Let this reassure every couple planning their wedding that while details do matter, at the end of the day, hiring quality vendors can save your day from even the most dire mishaps --even a double-booked venue! 
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