100% Wireless, battery-powered lighting allows you to enjoy total creative freedom over design and decor, whether for ballrooms, beneath tables, or outside!


Lighting has the single greatest impact on your event!
In addition to music and decor, lighting leaves a lasting impression on each of your guests and in every photo!


We don't just rent fixtures to our couples. We offer complete control over colors and brightness for an atmosphere that changes as the evening evolves!

Designed to Match Your Theme

Forget gaudy, glaring hues and the fear of your day feeling like a nightclub!
Soft, subtle glows across every surface and texture --pastel, blush and warm white tones all combine in layers to compliment your fashion and decor!

Before and After

Sure, lighting can change the appearance of your venue... but imagine the effect it has on how your entire day FEELS!  When you make lighting a priority in your budget, the value can be felt by every guest an seen in every photo!

Ambient Lighting

Whether rustic or modern, ambient lighting transforms any venue!  Italian Bistro-Style String Lighting offers warm illumination​, while Controlled Uplighting installed around the perimeter of your tent or ballroom allows you to adjust your entire color scheme between each segment, dramatically altering the mood for an atmosphere that truly evolves!

Photo Credit - Anderton Photography

Accent Lighting

While ambient lighting illuminates your entire space, accent lighting focuses on the details.  Highlight your venue's unique features!  Use it to show off centerpieces, spotlight your cake, illuminate table linens from underneath, or add a glow to your decor!  It makes a stunning backdrop to your ceremony and creates a night-time photo opportunity!

Impact Lighting

Use impact lighting to create a focal point to your ballroom!  An illuminated monogram featuring your names or initials and wedding date, is quite popular. Or for a subtle impact, install our starry night sky above your dance floor!  And speaking of dance floors, our motion FX impact spotlighting adds life to the party during high energy songs!

Lighting Makes all the Difference!

The impact that lighting can have on your wedding day cannot be overstated. More than anything else you budget for, from beginning to end --in person, in photos, in video-- it has the ability to dramatically alter your entire experience as well as how it is remembered! Be sure to give it careful consideration.

Invest appropriately in those elements of your day that have the greatest impact on the most people for the longest time!