Video is among the least invested-in aspects to the modern wedding. Yet 8 out of 10 couples who decided to pass on videography have lamented that they would give ANYTHING to go back and find a way to budget for it!

Modern Cinematography

This is NOT your parent's wedding video!  Ours is a real, share-worthy medium that documents your day from the perspective of your guests, so moments can be re-lived in a way that photography alone often fails to capture
Ready For Sharing!  See a trailer in just 2 weeks, followed by a collection of key segments like vows and speeches. In a matter of weeks, you'll get a feature of the day's highlights set to music!  Files are delivered digitally, ready to share with friends and family across social media, viewable on any device!

Remarkably Unobtrusive

Couples are often surprised how we manage to get such amazing footage... We work as invisibly as possible to keep our presence minimal. Planning makes it all possible as we strive to capture EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT!

2017 Original Wedding Films

Created and edited by the supremely talented Matthew Salzler, Master Cinematographer
Matthew Salzler and company offer original wedding films with  special pricing  at any event planned and hosted by Syracuse Weddings